Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Our Strategic Plan is a vision for public library service for the community of Chetwynd and surrounding area.With a dedicated and responsive library team, the Chetwynd Public Library strives to deliver high satisfaction through providing the best possible customer service. Our team is personable, knowledgeable and helpful in accessing services, and are committed to continuous improvement.

We will nurture the social, cultural, and economic success of our community by engaging the community in a spirit of reading, learning and discovery.

To empower and inspire a creative and literate community.


Openness and inclusion
We are committed to creating an environment for diverse activities and for the gathering of knowledge including issues of race and ethnicity, gender, and cross-cultural exchange. We affirm our commitment to our diverse intellectual community and to the safety of patrons and staff.

Intellectual freedom
We champion the right for ideas to be heard, questions asked, and words expressed without censorship. Intellectual freedom is a fundamental right. The Library also respects a person’s right to privacy. We are leaders in a community where knowledge is cherished.

Universal access to information
The Library is more than a building; we are also online and out in the community. We do whatever we can to help people access all that we have to offer. This shapes how we design our spaces, our collections, and our programs.

A literate society
Literacy is more than reading. It’s about finding and using information, learning new technology, understanding numbers, creating music, or producing a video. We help people of all ages develop the basic and complex skills needed in today’s world.

Curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning
We nurture curiosity and celebrate imagination. We value innovation. To keep pace with change and remain relevant to our users, we will continue to explore new ideas and services. The Library is always evolving.

Collaboration with other organizations
We engage with our community and contribute to a culture of social good. When we share knowledge and resources, everyone comes out ahead. By working with others, the Library can achieve results that would not have been possible alone.

Excellence in staff and services
People are at the centre of all we do. Everyone is welcome, and each person is valued. We listen carefully to those we serve and aim to anticipate needs. Our goal is outstanding customer service.

We manage public resources with the utmost care. We are committed to the sustainability of our services, buildings and materials. We preserve items of historical value, as well as items of importance to our future.

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