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Chetwynd Resource Corner

Information for all ages and stages of life.

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Chetwynd Resource Corner

Vision Statement:

The Chetwynd Resource Corner envisions a resource, open to the citizens of Chetwynd and Area, which is dedicated to the support of the quality of life for all families within the community.

Mission Statement:

The Chetwynd Resource Corner is dedicated to providing information on local programs, events and resources as well as fostering volunteer & networking opportunities for the residents of Chetwynd. We are also dedicated to helping promote the local service providers and community organizations; programs, services and events.

Value Statements:

The Chetwynd Resource Corner promotes and is committed to the following values which will serve as guidelines for our conduct and behaviour.

  • Accessibility: we would like to create an open and friendly environment and relationship between general public, volunteers, staff, and board members in order to maximize community participation.
  • Open Communication: we want to ensure everyone has a voice and keep people informed and connected.
  • Professionalism: we want to operate in an ethical and respectful manner, fostering a positive environment while consistently striving for excellence.
  • Respect: we want to express meaningful appreciation of all individuals in our diverse community.
  • Teamwork: we would like to utilize individual strengths in a collaborative effort.

Goals of Chetwynd Resource Corner

  • To provide community resource information and referral services through a diverse range of communication tools
  • To involve and encourage community participation and collaboration through a broad range of outreach strategies.
  • To encourage and actively participate in networking and partnership initiatives.
  • To proactively identify community needs through program evaluations and community assessment, encouraging partnerships and collaborations that will utilize resources effectively.
  • To operate a financially viable corner that is accountable to the funding partners and the community at large.